Ransomware uncovered on-demand webinar

Learn from a ransomware expert James Maude!

The exploitation of human behaviour to breach security defenses is nothing new, from the Trojan Horse to Frank Abagnale, who in the 1960s convinced Pan Am that he was an airline pilot to get free international travel. What lessons can we learn from history? How much of a threat is social engineering to business today? In the wake of predictions that the next wave of ransomware will be more pervasive and resilient than ever it's more important than ever to take a proactive approach to cyber security.

Join us for the 'Ransomware uncovered' on-demand webinar now, where ransomware expert James Maude will present his latest analysis of this growing threat and share expert advice to help you stay a step ahead of the cyber criminals.

3 reasons to attend the live webinar:
  • Real demos showing ransomware in action
  • Unique insight into how it works
  • Find out how to stop it from executing in your environment

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