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The psychology of security: Stop social engineering attacks on-demand webinar

Discover the psychological threat posed by social engineering attacks

The exploitation of human behaviour to breach security defenses is nothing new, from the Trojan Horse to Frank Abagnale, who in the 1960s convinced Pan Am that he was an airline pilot to get free international travel. What lessons can we learn from history? How much of a threat is social engineering to business today?

With a unique take on security consultant and psychology expert Dr Jessica Barker examines why employees are very often the weakest link in the security chain and what you can do to prevent being the next victim of attack.

Dr Jessica Barker will explore:
  • The psychology of security - how hackers manipulate our instincts
  • Real life business examples of social engineering attacks
  • What to look for with common routes and approaches
  • Common sense security that works against hackers

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